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Double Sided Tape

Double Sided Tape


Color: Transparent


Size: 1.8cm X 8.5 cm (50 strips)

Colour: Transparent
  • Introductions

    Please make sure your skin is free of oils and powders. And then, position tape on inside edge of clothing. Remove protective liner and press clothing firmly to skin.


  • Refund Policy

    Thanks for shopping at Nuudie.

    Due to the nature of our product has a no return/refund policy.

  • Shipping Information

    To Hong Kong / Macau: 2-5 days Business Days by using SF express.

    To Mainland China:

    Customer can choose SF Express 3-5 days (required to provide personal identification documents)

    Or customer can choose CXC express for 7-10 days as well.

    To Taiwan: 3-5 days Business Days by using SF express.

    SF express: Overseas mail needs to provide a full name & address, the postal time is 3-5 working days, and the tracking number can be tracked.

    CXC express: Provided your name, contacts and address only.

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