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Double Sided Nuudie Bra (Full Cup - L Size)

Double Sided Nuudie Bra (Full Cup - L Size)


Ingredients: sponge, glue


Color: Skin Color


Full Cup Size: S (2cm thickness) ; *L (3cm thickness)

Half Cup Size: 3cm thickness


triangular shape; boosted; adhesive on both sides; sweartproof and waterproof; no sewing required; interchangeable between germents.


Best suited to Low V tops and Tube tops.

Adds 2 sizes instantly.

Color: Skin Color
  • Application

    Please make sure your skin is free of oils and powders. Glue it to the inside of the garment. Get dressed and adjust your breasts to your ideal position. Glue to the skin and press to secure.

  • Return Policy

    Thanks for shopping at Nuudie.

    Due to the nature of our product has a no return/refund policy.

  • Shipping Information

    To Hong Kong / Macau: 2-5 days Business Days by using SF express.

    To Mainland China:

    Customer can choose SF Express 3-5 days (required to provide personal identification documents)

    Or customer can choose CXC express for 7-10 days as well.

    To Taiwan: 3-5 days Business Days by using SF express.

    SF express: Overseas mail needs to provide a full name & address, the postal time is 3-5 working days, and the tracking number can be tracked.

    CXC express: Provided your name, contacts and address only.

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